Do Leopard Geckos Need Light at Night?

Leopard Gecko is a gecko with low activity and very easy care, which is perfect for both beginner and more experienced. By their very nature, these geckos are often curious, calm and easily tamed, which is why they are one of the most popular types of gecko as a pet. Even though the Leos areRead More

How Much do Guinea Pigs Sleep?

The guinea pig is fairly an active small fellow and they spend most of their day without sleep. Normally, the average guinea pig only sleeps around four hours per day and habitually in short dozes of not more than 10 minutes each. As like prey animals, the guinea pigs are requiring the best guinea pigRead More

Member Focus

Meet Lee and Elizabeth Gearhart You have probably seen us at MAWA trials over the past year: the guy on the field taking pictures all day; the gal hunt mastering and working the paddock area; and our four children (Eileen, Iris, Patrick and Viveka) socializing and babysitting puppies and grown hounds alike. We are theRead More