9 Things to Avoid While Raising a Gold Fish

Goldfish are quite interesting pets. They are usually a good choice for beginners because of their
low cost of care. However, one would need to learn to avoid the following errors so that the fish
will not die.

  1. Buying a tank that is too small

You cannot keep goldfish in a tank that is too small, goldfish need space to swim.
Goldfish also produce a lot of harmful contaminants, tanks that are too small will not allow for
toxic clearance.

9 Things to Avoid While Raising a Gold Fish

  1. Raising too many fish relative to the maximum capacity of the tank.

Each goldfish needs about 60-80 liters of water to grow and develop well.
So if your tank is 120cm * 50cm * 50cm equivalent to 300 liters, you should raise 4-6 animals
depending on the size.

  1. The tank is not equipped with purifiers or oxygen machines

Goldfish emit a lot of ammonia, very toxic to fish.
Without a filter, like a patient with kidney failure, the body will be poisoned and die.
It is important to note that the filtration system is mainly used to filter microorganisms through
the urea cycle, so it is necessary to run filtration for 2-4 weeks before adding fish.
Oxygen machine is necessary for healthy goldfish, especially for aquariums with a height of over

  1. Overfeeding the fish

Fish that eat a lot will release more ammonia, leftovers also increase the amount of this toxin.
Goldfish have a habit of eating without being full, eating excessively can cause constipation and
lead to digestive problems.
Feed the fish 1-2 times a day, feeding each time within 1 minute.

  1. Do not change the water regularly

As mentioned in the water exchange for fish, no matter how good the filtration system is, the
final product of the nitrogen cycle are nitrates, which are toxic to fish.
Water exchange should be conducted regularly, like patients on dialysis, preferably 33: 3 days
instead of 30%.

  1. Do not have adequate lighting for goldfish tanks.

The goldfish tank is a biome in which invisible organisms are important in ecological balance,
creating a favorable environment for goldfish to grow and develop. These organisms need light
to grow.
The key light in the synthesis of essential compounds for goldfish is known to metabolize
vitamin D calcium.
Light is an extremely important factor to maintain and perfect the color in goldfish.

  1. Breeding many other types of fish together
  2. 9 Things to Avoid While Raising a Gold Fish
  3. Goldfish are only suitable for farming with goldfish.
    It is best to raise the same classification (ranchu, oranda, ruykin …) and the same size.

    1. Purchase of low-quality goldfish.

    Unidentifiably purchased goldfish are often of poor quality and carry many pathogens.
    Goldfish should only be bought in stores that specialize in goldfish, shops that care about fish
    quality, etc. (Source, transportation, isolation, care …)

    1. Do not isolate new fish

    New fish often contain many infectious diseases for your entire aquarium.
    Isolate new fish purchased to monitor their health, especially before sharing tanks.


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