How Much Do Guinea Pigs Sleep?

The guinea pig is fairly an active small fellow and they spend most of their day without sleep. Normally, the average guinea pig only sleeps around four hours per day and habitually in short dozes of not more than 10 minutes each. As like prey animals, the guinea pigs are requiring the best guinea pig bedding that consistently on attentive for predators and also even sleeping sometimes with their eyes open. These furry small guys are most active at dusk and dawn, but during the day they are not severely nocturnal or diurnal. Instead of, they are sporadically active throughout the day and night. Many of the guineas sleep around between 20 seconds and 6 minutes at a time. Also, they may relax and remain still up to 10 minutes.

The best time for guinea pigs to sleep is daytime rest. The sleep of guinea pig is much unique from us; because they do not even sleep for a few hours in a row, but they simply take the small naps even during 24 hours period. On average, the sleeps of guinea pig is approximately around 9 to 12 hours per day. This means that it takes several naps in the entire day. Also, each guinea pig nap lasts around 10 minute’s tops. But this is not a wondering fact; because if you have already one and conscious of how active they are in a whole day, you simply clarify on usual that they 9 to 12 hours of sleep that consists of typically 10-minute naps.

When do guinea pigs sleep?


The guinea pigs can sleep, but their sleeping schedule is possibly a whole lot unique than what you would guess. If you notice anything far outer of 9.5 hour sleeping regimen or if you are concerned on whether or not your piggy is a little bit very sleepy, then they must be alert around them. Even sleeping they are looking around to view any form of danger always. Moreover, these guinea pigs are also getting used to dim as several owners to keep them inside their room or simply nearby, where the lights normally go off at night.

Does the guinea pig sleep more?

It is quite hard to tell that if your guinea pig is taking a nap or not particularly, when they lie around with their eyes open. Basically, the guinea pigs are lively animals and you often discover them to move around most of the time. In some cases, you may discover them sleeping a lot and being hiding or sluggish in the hiding spaces for many hours and not even come out. This can be a usual phenomenon for a New Guinea pig, while presented in a new end.

Moreover, these guinea pigs are good at hiding their sickness for a lengthy time, so it is always better if you see for the early indications itself:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Lying around a care for many hours in the entire day and night
  • Not even taking a feeding of treats
  • Sleeping in unusual positions and breathing heavy
  • Not consuming their diet as earlier
  • Investigated in the hiding space for extended hours

How to select the most comfortable and best bedding for your piggy?HOW MUCH DO GUINEA PIGS SLEEP 1

When you are looking for the best guinea pig bedding for your pet, the wood shavings is now highly recommended on the market and also best of them among all. This wood shaving can captivate the water very well and also they keep the top layer very dry. So, the guinea pigs will not keep their feet in own feces. In addition, this could stop more infections that they are disposed to. Moreover, this kind of bedding is very affordable and you can easily purchase them anywhere practically from supermarkets and pet shops and so on.

Actually, it is not tough to keep your home clean with this kind of bedding. If your guinea pigs decide to have a party, you just kick out some of the wood shavings out of a coop so you can vacuum it more easily. These wood shavings are pretty soft and your pet will feel more comfortable sleeping on them. Therefore, the best choice of bedding for guinea pigs are wood shavings that they are very simple to maintain, absorb good, very reasonable and comfortable.

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